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Plumbing & Heating

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At CTE, we understand that few things are more important than having access to safe, reliable plumbing and heating systems in your home or business. From leaky faucets to outdated boilers, plumbing and HVAC issues can quickly become major headaches if not addressed promptly by knowledgeable professionals.

That’s why our team of experienced, certified technicians provides comprehensive plumbing and

heating services to homeowners and businesses throughout the area. No matter the size of your project, you can rely on our expertise to complete each job efficiently and affordably.

Whether you need a new high-efficiency furnace installed before winter or want to upgrade to an on-demand hot water system, we have the skills to get the job done right.

Heat Pump Installations

Heat pumps are an increasingly popular option for UK homes looking to reduce heating bills and carbon footprint. Rather than burning fossil fuels directly, heat pumps extract existing heat from the outside air, ground, or water and transfer it indoors.

During winter, an air source heat pump pulls heat from the outside air and raises it to a higher temperature using a small amount of electricity. This makes them much more efficient than traditional heating systems. According to the Energy Saving Trust, an air source heat pump could save a household between £55 and £310 per year compared to an old gas boiler.

At CTE, our team has in-depth experience fitting and maintaining air and ground source heat pumps. Air-source heat pumps have lower upfront costs, while ground-source models leverage underground warmth for even greater efficiency.

We will survey your property and help determine which heat pump solution fits your needs and budget. From permitting to installation and beyond, we handle the entire process to deliver reliable, cost-effective heating.

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Boiler Installations

Boilers provide hot water and heating for many UK homes. However, ageing or inefficient boilers can lead to uncomfortable temperatures and costly energy bills. Upgrading to a modern boiler can significantly improve your home’s heating.

At CTE, we specialise in boiler installation and replacement. There are a few main types of boilers to consider:

  • Regular boilers heat and store water in a cylinder for on-demand hot water access. This provides a reliable supply of hot water for households with high demand. The stored hot water lasts longer than combi boilers.
  • Combination or combi boilers heat water directly when you turn on the tap, eliminating the need for a storage cylinder. This saves space but may lead to limited hot water flow at times of high use. Combi boilers work well for properties with 1 or 2 bathrooms.
  • System boilers also provide central heating and hot water without needing a water storage tank like regular boilers. This makes them a space-saving option. System boilers have components that allow more pressure for improved water flow at busy times.

Considering your home’s size, bathroom count, and hot water usage patterns will help us recommend the optimal boiler type. Our Gas Safe registered engineers know extensively about the latest boiler technologies and models. We’ll advise you on the best new boiler for your property’s unique needs and heating demands.

We handle the complete installation process, including permitting, system flushing, new boiler fitting, radiator adjustments, and more. Our work is guaranteed, and we handle all maintenance and servicing needs to keep your new boiler running efficiently.

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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating brings warm, even heat by running hot water pipes under the floor rather than using radiators on walls. It’s an increasingly popular option for UK homes looking to upgrade their heating.

At CTE, we are experienced installers of underfloor heating systems for new builds and retrofits. There are two main types:

Hydronic systems circulate hot water from a boiler through pipes under the floor. This provides even, pleasant warmth with individual room control.

Electric systems use electric heating cables installed under flooring. They offer easy installation but higher running costs.

Hydronic systems are generally more efficient, especially when connected to an eco-friendly heat source like a heat pump. We recommend hydronic underfloor heating for whole-house coverage.

Underfloor heating provides uniform warmth underfoot, eliminating cold spots and draughts. It allows flexible room layouts without radiators blocking walls. We can install underfloor heating on the ground floor, upper floors or both.

Our team handles the complete process, including design, insulation, pipe layout, manifold installation and integration with your heating system. Contact us to learn more about upgrading with cost-effective underfloor heating.

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Radiator Services

Do you find yourself bundling up indoors due to insufficient heat from your old, outdated radiators? Upgrading to modern, efficient radiators can make a real difference in the comfort and warmth of your rooms.

At CTE, we specialise in radiator replacements and upgrades. By installing new, energy-efficient radiators properly sized for each room, we can optimise the temperature, efficiency, coverage and aesthetics of your home’s heating system.

Our Gas Safe registered engineers have extensive experience assessing heating needs, selecting the proper radiator solutions, and performing total replacements for UK homes. We handle the entire process from start to finish, ensuring your new radiators are sized, located and adjusted for maximum comfort and performance.

If your existing radiators are outdated or inadequate, an upgrade can optimise your home’s heating in several ways:

  • Improved temperature control – New radiators heat up faster and cool down quicker in response to thermostat changes. This allows better regulation of each room’s warmth.
  • Increased energy efficiency – Modern radiator designs maximise heat emission while minimising operation costs. Newer models will heat your rooms using less energy.
  • Enhanced aesthetics – Radiator upgrades provide an opportunity to improve the style and appearance of your radiators. You can choose sleek, minimalist or decorative radiators.
  • Improved coverage – We can resize radiators and adjust their locations to ensure ample heat reaches all areas of each room. Proper coverage eliminates cold spots.

At CTE, we provide complete services for radiator replacements, including assessment, sizing, installation, adjustments, and bleeding. Upgrading old radiators can optimise your home’s heating’s comfort, efficiency and aesthetics.

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Heating Systems

Whether you need a new system installed in a home addition or want to replace your existing setup with something more efficient and reliable, we have the skills and experience to get the job done right. Our engineers will analyse your home’s unique layout and heating requirements and design a system tailored specifically for you.

We can transform your home’s warmth and comfort by installing a properly sized new boiler, upgraded pipes, and efficient radiators in optimal locations. Our full-service approach handles every aspect of the system replacement process smoothly and efficiently.

Our heating system upgrade process is comprehensive:

  • Detailed home assessment – We thoroughly analyse the heat loss in each room, considering factors like insulation, window efficiency, and drafts. This enables us to determine the optimal heating system specifications for your home.
  • Equipment selection – Based on your home’s needs, we recommend the appropriately sized boiler with the latest energy-efficient technology. We’ll also advise on the best emitter types for each room, whether radiators, underfloor heating, or a combination.
  • Custom system design – We model and diagram the newly optimised pipes, boiler, and emitters tailored to your home’s footprint and heat loss analysis.
  • Seamless integration – We’ll repurpose your existing pipes and radiators in excellent condition as part of the new system design to reduce costs. Additional components are integrated for optimal flow and temperature control.
  • Commissioning and adjustments – Once installed, we thoroughly test the new system and make any adjustments necessary to ensure even heat distribution, ease of control, and maximum energy efficiency throughout your home.

Our comprehensive process ensures your upgraded heating system is engineered to meet your home’s specific needs for many years of cosy winters ahead.

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Plumbing Services

At CTE, we understand that plumbing issues, big and small, can severely disrupt your home or business. Dripping taps, leaky pipes, and clogged drains dampen your day and can cause extensive water damage and mould if left unaddressed.

Whether you need routine plumbing maintenance or emergency repairs, our team of qualified plumbers provides reliable solutions with quality workmanship.

Services Offered:

  • Drain cleaning – We utilise state-of-the-art drain augers, jetters, and hydro-jetting equipment to clear even the most stubborn clogs in sink, shower, and floor drains. Our high-pressure water jets can clear years of buildup to restore full drainage.
  • Leak detection – We will thoroughly inspect your pipes using advanced acoustic listening devices, infrared cameras, and pipe inspection tools and identify any cracks or ruptures causing leaks. We can then determine if targeted spot repairs or total pipe replacements are needed.
  • Fixture repair/replacement – From modernising your outdated kitchen faucet with the latest touchless technology to replacing faulty pressure relief valves on water heaters, we provide expert fixture repair and installation services to restore optimal performance and aesthetics.
  • Pipe maintenance – We offer trenchless sewer line repair, including pipe lining or relining with an epoxy barrier coating to seal leaks and prevent roots and corrosion. We can perform scale removal and desalination for freshwater pipes to improve flow.
  • Bathroom/kitchen upgrades – We complete bathroom and kitchen renovations, including installing new showers, tubs, sinks, vanities, and laying tile. We can install new commercial-grade fixtures, sinks, instant hot water dispensers, and smart touch faucets for kitchens. We handle all plumbing needs for your remodel.

At CTE, our qualified technicians have the experience and expertise to handle all of your residential and commercial plumbing and HVAC needs, from the local down the road who needs a drip fixed to a new client who’s just bought their first house and is looking for a more eco-friendly heating system.

Whether you need a routine water heater flush or a complete heating system overhaul, you can rely on our team to provide solutions tailored specifically for you. Our focus is on long-term quality rather than quick band-aid fixes.

Ready to upgrade your outdated fixtures, improve inefficient heating, or address any other plumbing or HVAC issues? Reach out today to schedule a consultation.

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